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Money is affecting every single things in life

Let’s face it! Everything we do and we decide, there is always money involvement around it. You may say money doesn't buy happiness or money is the root of all evil, but deep down you know that they are not true. It’s not the money that matters, its how you use it ,that determines its true value. If you know how to use your money wisely, you can do a lot of things with it, helping your family, your friends, contributing to your society, and many more good deeds you can think of.

Be the person who knows how to control the money, not the person who controlled by the money!


84% karyawan harus bekerja lagi di masa pensiun karena dana pensiun dari kantor hanya dapat memenuhi 7 - 10 tahun biaya hidup


73% dari total kasus perceraian disebabkan oleh masalah keuangan dalam rumah tangga


75% masyarakat harus menanggung anggota keluarga di luar keluarga intinya (Seperti orang tua,adik,dll)

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Mr. Aakar

Once in a lifetime, people need to hire professional to do their own financial planning.

Money is a very sensitive issue which you need a third party to see the bigger picture

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