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Jouska’s services :

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning (one-year contract) . Include : Cashflow management, asset allocation, insurance,debt restructuring (if any), Review or selection on home mortgage rate, investment, etc. Fee starts from Rp.14 mio/ year, payable in maximum 3 terms of payment.

  • Partial financial planning (duration of the contract is depending on the case). E.g. Evaluation, review and selection of insurance products only, debt restructuring only, investment only, etc. Fee starts from Rp.6 mio.

Step 1

  • Contact Jouska through WA (0813-8374-0017) or Email ([email protected]) or Download Jouska Applications for Android and iOS

  • Tell Jouska a brief of your background and financial concern.

  • Submit a financial form provided by Jouska through email

  • You will be assigned to adviser who specialized in your financial needs.

  • You will be given the choice of time and the venue where the meeting takes place (long distance consultation can be done via video call).

  • The fee for first meeting starts from Rp.1 mio

  • Transfer to PT. Amarta Janus Indonesia - 800122332700 CIMB NIAGA Icon Pondok Indah .

  • Submit your payment slip to secure your appointment schedule.

Step 2

  • After first meeting, if you wish to continue to be Jouska’s client, we will send you an offering letter which include scope of work, duration of the contract, and fee for the service.

  • If you have agreed with the offering letter, you will receive the contract of agreement that will be signed by both parties.

  • The first invoice of payment / down payment will be sent to you via email, following the date of the rest of the payment.

  • Your personalized Financial Blueprint will be processed.

  • Delivery of the “Financial Blueprint”.

  • Execution phase of your financial solution based on your own Financial Blueprint

  • Periodical review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to plan my finances?
  • Finance plays an important role in our life. Therefore it is affecting every single decision we make. By managing our finance in a right way, we will be able to live in a peaceful mind due to the fact that we eliminate the possibilities of having financial trouble now and in the future.
    If we are already in a financial trouble, by figuring out ways to solve it, we will not drag our problems to even worst condition then we are already in. Planning our finances will give us a clear idea on how to fix our problem within certain timeframe.

  • Why do I need a professional ? Cant I do financial plan on my own ?
  • Sure you can do your own financial planning when you have the time and knowledge that are needed. However, you need a subjective opinion and also an expert to create the first blue print of your own finances as well as helping you to create good financial habit.
    That is why we say once in a lifetime you need to hire a professional before you can do it on your own.

  • What is the difference between financial planners at insurance agency/banks with Jouska advisers?
  • We are a service based company. We do not sell any products. That’s why we are a team of independent financial advisers. Sure, we will give our clients some recommendation of products, but those advices are based on customer needs and not based on commission or any kind of fees.

  • What makes Jouska different from another independent financial planners?
  • Jouska is a team of advisors and we are not a one man/woman show. Each of our advisors have their own skills and specialities. We believe that one person can’t possibly understand every single things in finance. We may have enough knowledge of everything, but we leave it to certain expert to handle what they are best at. We encourage our adviser to explore what they are passionate about in finance, that’s why we have a team of planner who are best at insurance, investment, legal, tax, business planning and many more.

  • Why do I need Jouska Apps?
  • Life is already complicated enough, why do you have to make your financial plan even more complicated. Jouska Apps is created to make your life much simpler, from tracking the progress of your own net worth, checking out your cash flow, and if you need an advice from your planner, you are just one chat away.

  • Do I get to work with the same planner everytime?
  • One client will be handled by two planners and Yes they are the same planner from the moment you signing the contract till the end.

  • How many times i can get face to face meeting with my planners?
  • 12 hours in a year.

  • When do I get billed?
  • You will be emailed by our finance division on the terms of payment and you will get billed on the agreed date (of course it will be according to your choice of TOP).